The Stasys Team

Get to know the team working hard to measure platelet forces to better predict blood coagulability.
Ty Roy-Garland, MD
Bob Barry
Co-Founder, Chairman
Lucas Ting, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Development
Nate Sniadecki, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Acting CTO
Nathan White, MD
Co-Founder & Clinical Consultant

Ty Roy-Garland, MD


Dr. Roy-Garland joined Stasys as Chief Executive Officer in June 2020, where he leads the team into its next phase of clinical research and development.  He studied biochemisty and molecular biology at Dartmouth College and completed his training in Vascular Surgery at the University of Washington’s Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.  

In 2015 Ty joined the Vascular Institute of the Rockies (VIR) in Denver, Colorado where he became partner the following year. He is the Director of Vascular Surgery at Saint Joseph Hospital in downtown Denver and directs their Aortic Center of Excellence.  He co-founded the Anterior Spine Institute for Research and Education (ASPIRE) 501(c)3 and continues to sit on their Board in an advisory role. Dr Roy-Garland also founded VIR’s research division and acts as principle investigator in multiple national clinical and investigational device trials. He is an educator and consultant for Cook Medical, Medtronic, Terumo, Globus, Gore Medical, and he sits on the Venous Advisory Board for Boston Scientific.

Clinical Advisory Board

  • John Holcomb, M.D.
    Former Trauma Surgeon at Army's Institute of Surgical Research and Chief Acute Surgery at UT Health
  • Pär Johansson, M.D. DSc, MBA
    Director of Transfusion Medicine, Rigshospitalet, Denmark
  • Karim Brohi, M.D.
    Professor of Trauma Sciences at the London School of Medicine
  • Marc Maegele, M.D., Ph.D.
    Professor of Traumatology, Cologne-Merheim Medical Center

Board & Advisors

  • Lonnie Edelheit, Ph.D.
    Senior VP R&D GE (ret.)
  • Chris Porter, Ph.D.
    Serial Medical Device Entrepreneur
  • Trevor Moody
    President, TM Strategic Advisors
  • Robert Barry
    Co-Founder, Chairman
  • Nate Sniadecki, Ph.D.
    Co-Founder, Acting CTO
  • Nathan White, M.D.
    Co-Founder, Clinical Consultant