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Stasys Platelet System

The system is designed to form microclots from whole blood samples to measure platelet forces, aggregation, and function.

No use of agonists or reagents, no offsite labs; faster, more accurate results means faster, more-informed decision-making for trauma doctors.

Precision measurement

Simply having a platelet present does not mean it will be beneficial; in order to best assess coagulability, knowing the percentage of high quality platelets is crucial.

To achieve this superior assessment of coagulability, the system leverages high precision microfluidics with machine vision, machine learning. The result is an easy-to-interpret platelet and hemostasis data including clot aggregation, contraction, resistance, and likelihood of dissolution within the blood.

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Platelet Force Predicts Bleeding Risk

The Stasys Platelet System relies on shear activation to mimic how platelets activate in the body. This reliance on mechanical activation eliminates the need to mix in activators and is the closest thing to replicating how platelets behave in the body.

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More accurate results, faster

Currently, it takes hospitals over 30 minutes to complete testing using thromboelastometry, viscosity, or aggregation systems.

The Stasys Platelet System completes tests within 5 minutes of the blood draw and no pipetting of reagents is required.

This leap in speed helps doctors act with better information to save lives.

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