The Stasys Platelet STRENGTH TEST

A Global Assay of Primary Hemostasis, Function, and Aggregation in a Reagent-less Native Blood Sample

Existing platelet tests measure only a single step in platelet aggregation, but aggregation does not mean they truly function. The Stasys Atlas Platelet Strength Test (PST) is a global assessment of primary hemostasis, measuring the end product of platelet adhesion, activation, aggregation, and contraction: platelet strength.

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Measure Platelet Strength in 3 minutes

It currently takes laboratories between 30-60 minutes to complete platelet function testing. These systems are cumbersome and require mixing external reagents.

The Atlas PST uses shear force to mimic the natural mechanisms of platelet activation without any reagents. The result is an easy-to-interpret global measurement of platelet strength in only 3 minutes. This leap in speed allows clinicians to act with better information to provide personalized patient care and save lives.

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Faster Accurate Results

The Atlas PST leverages high precision microfluidics with machine vision and machine learning to provide a more accurate and in-depth assessment of primary hemostasis. By measuring the end product or platelet strength, Atlas PST can more accurately detect between varying doses of antiplatelet medications.

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Platelet Strength Predicts Bleeding Risk

The Stasys Platelet Strength Test has been shown to independently predict coagulopathy and the need for blood transfusion in trauma patients. This gives doctors faster, more accurate information with which to make rapid clinical decisions.

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Having the ability to measure the critical characteristics of a clot in 5 minutes or less could make the difference between life and death in major trauma patients.

Dr. John Holcomb

Trauma surgeon and former trauma consultant for the U.S. Army

How Stasys is helping trauma doctors

Get an individualized anti-clotting response
Measure the dose response to different common platelet inhibitors and anticoagulants including Aspirin, Heparin, and Plavix (clopidogrel).

Ease to use
The benchtop machine allows trauma doctors to test blood at the point of care without the need to mix in activators.

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