Stasys Medical receives NSF SBIR Phase II grant for development of a device to rapidly identify the source of uncontrolled bleeding in major trauma


SEATTLE, Wash. – Nov. 30, 2015 – Stasys Medical Corporation, a Seattle based Medical device company spun out of the University of Washington, has received a NSF phase II grant raising the total influx of capital into its series A funds to $1.6M. The NSF SBIR Grant is the latest organization to put its support behind Stasys Medical and is joined by the Life Science Discovery Fund, the W Fund and WRF capital. The company will use the funds to further develop a medical device to rapidly identify the source of uncontrolled bleeding in trauma patients. Uncontrolled bleeding from trauma can be the result of the body’s inability to form clots, called trauma induced coagulopathy (TIC). A major trauma patient is 4 times more likely to die than a similarly injured patient without TIC. TIC can be corrected with blood components and or drugs once the source(s) of the clotting dysfunction has been identified. The time required to identify and correct coagulopathy needs to be short (5 minutes or less) in order to be of use to emergency room physicians. The Stasys Medical device has shown the ability to do just that in preliminary testing.

“Having the ability to measure the critical characteristics of a clot in 5 min or less could make the difference between life and death in major trauma patients” said John Holcomb. MD, trauma surgeon in Houston, TX and former trauma consultant for the United States Army during the Iraqi conflict.

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