The Stasys system is a device that tests small volumes of blood for platelet function. Compared to existing devices, which test for blood viscosity or platelet aggregation alone, the Stasys system has significant advantages:


  • POINT OF CARE. The system can be used with blood that has not been anticoagulated, providing a direct measurement after the blood draw.

  • FASTER. A test can be completed within 5 MINUTES of the blood draw. Doctors can measure if a patient has uncontrolled bleeding and needs a transfusion, or if the risk of a transfusion can be avoided.





  • SAFER. A blood transfusion is like an organ transplant, carrying risks such as blood clots, hemolysis, infection, and death. The procedure is life-saving, but only in cases that are absolutely necessary. The Stasys system can help doctors determine which patients need a transfusion, and which do not. 

  • EASE OF USE. No pipetting of reagents is required. Fewer steps for operators means less chance of human error resulting in high reliability.



  • PERSONALIZED. The Stasys system can measure the dose response to different common platelet inhibitors and anticoagulants, including ASPIRIN, HEPARIN, and PLAVIX (clopidogrel). This means a person can be prescribed the safest, most effective dose. Not knowing how your prescribed dose directly affects your personal blood coagulation system can lead to uninhibited platelet clotting or excessive bleeding.